Monday, March 24, 2014

am in nonsense

assalamualaikum peepoz, stalkerz and hoo-ha.

people, for the most.

i'm on a stakeout.

guess what, i reach that state that i didn't know what to do with myself.

breathing? live?

yep that's hardcore.

i've been in contact with a few old friends, and the long-time-no-see bff...

wow those ppl got a lot of things they've done.

hmm, am thinking...

i was the one who rich of quotes, have likes kinda more better life than them but still, i'm the one on hold.

my big-bro often said this to me,
"hang bagi muka sangat kat orang, orang pijak kepala hang."

bro, ya just doesn't understand WOMEN.

or GIRLS, LADIES, whatsoever...

even when you give face (omo teb english), they keep hating you, me to be exact.

i keep wondering why and i guess it just normal.

what i dying to know is, how could they be so much of haters whilst i'm not.

seriously i'm not. no matter how ppl annoyed me am just smile, and there's no use in hating them. they are THEY, who they build for, meant to be.

am no need to change them in the way i like, they doesn't live their life for me.

live life for Allah.

so i absolutely have no reasons to create drama over them, and never done it for a long time after pre-school.

and why did they do it over me, in college for real.

childish and what a-boo-like.

i really wanted to express it clearly like, those are like my best buddies yet i know they real feelings towards me.

all smile and cute then turn into witch or step-siblings in reality.

this is totally nonsense.

especially when i realized i only go blabla here yet 'have nothing to say' when i need to say it.

peepoz, if u read this, please know that i am alive, haha.

daa, see ya later.

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