Friday, April 18, 2014

of we and bestie

assalamualaikum to those peepoz that recently said that they have quite the same feelings (experimenting my before post~)

thank you, i'm not that kinda consultant or counselor,

but i'm grateful to be of help :)

so, peepo A asked me a question if i've face any difficulties with my bestie.

i said i do, and peepo A seem to be surprised, and i asked why would that.
peepo A said that if i love my bestie, and indeed my bestie is my bestie, everything will be easy to go through together.

well, perhaps i'm someone with complicated inner mind, mental situation or a serious depression state, i am.

but that doesn't involved in my problems that much actually.

usually occur when i start to think much, emm...

here's the story:

My bestie is such an amazing person. She was pretty, athletic, intelligent, talented, born with silver spoon in her mouth, social-able, love-able, kind, ladylike, animal lovers etc.

I was glad that she is one of my bestie, no words can be use to express that.
and she's too, treat me the same way. and girls usually love to express their love like couple or something like that.

we are :)

but soon i realized, things that are with her, are not with me.

and somehow, i was like dragging her form the top of the mountain.

not by walking, most like i was falling, and grab her clothes, and then we fall horribly.

i was just thinking, if her parents would allow her to befriend someone like me. i mean, i was currently a bad influence.

sadly i realized that to the fullest.

that's the usual problem i got with her.

bestie usually keep in touch even when they're far away. i wish to do that, but reminding myself over and over again that i might disturb her, i just stay silent.

indeed, i was busy, packed during last semester, didn't even have that much time to keep in contact with old buddies either.

but still, she is my bestie.

because when i fall into a deep hole and can't get out, she's the one who give me a rope to climb back up, even i had trouble climbing up, she still waiting for me to climb out.

honestly bestie, even when we're separated, can't keep in touch, i've always believe that in here, there's you.

and in you, there's me :)

so dear peepo A, its quite nonsense if you hadn't had any difficulties with your bestie.
be honest, and speak it out loud. admit it, so you will remember that you've grown up since that day :)

assalamualaikum :)